New Permit to Allow Disabled Customers Easier Exit from Municipal Garages

Accessibility Permit

Our goal is to make sure every visitor to the municipal garages has a positive experience and can enter and exit as quickly and easily as possible. This is why we are launching an “accessibility permit” for people with disabled placards or plates.

The new permit will allow disabled customers to park for up to 24 hours (as permitted by ordinance) and exit the garage by swiping the permit – without needing the assistance of an ambassador.

The pass will be valid at all three municipal garage facilities – Marketplace, Lakeview and College Street garages.



Even if you are just visiting Burlington for a few days, you are welcome to get an Accessibility Permit to make sure you can enter and exit the garage as easily as possible.

To sign up, fill in the form below.

 You will be contacted by a representative at the Department of Public Works to finalize the process.