BTC Construction Update

Last month City Officials and lead construction consultant, PC Construction, shared their proposed Encumbrance Plan. The plan includes details for managing the public right of way and parking in and around the project site (particularly along Bank and Cherry Streets) during demolition and construction for the duration of the redevelopment.

The process, broken up in two phases, will take roughly 32 months to complete. Phase one, which is expected to span 20 months, will have an impact on Bank and Cherry streets between Saint Paul and Pine streets. Two lanes of traffic will remain on both streets, however construction fencing will temporarily prevent access to 33 parking spaces. All 33 parking spaces will become available again in phase two. A visual representation of the encumbrance can be found on the right and the PC Construction presentation provides further detail.

The construction phase of the project is set begin with the demolition of the Mall’s Cherry Street parking garage. Construction will not begin until the City’s improvements to the College Street Garage are completed; once completed, there will be 1,200 parking spaces available between College Street and Lakeview garages. The City of Burlington, Burlington Business Association and Park Burlington will continue to keep Burlington businesses and the public notified of updates and schedules. 

Anyone with questions or comments should reach out to CEDO Director, Noelle MacKay at 802-865-7174 or In addition to information about last month’s meeting, more information about the Burlington Town Center redevelopment can be found on the city’s website.

BTC Redevelopment Presentation

BTC Redevelopment Business Meeting Notes