Burlington Aims to Improve Parkmobile Experience

Park Burlington has been working closely with, Parkmobile, Burlington Parking Enforcement and Burlington Public Works to resolve some ongoing issues related to Parkmobile and to create a system that better serves Burlington drivers.

Parkmobile, utilizing email and their app, sent out a message on Wednesday (6/21/17), highlighting tips and tricks on effectively using the app. The most important tip for VT drivers is to ensure you’re inputting the correct license plate number when registering your vehicle. Standard VT license plates do not utilize the letter, “O”; users should always use the number zero in these situations to prevent erroneous ticketing.

The City of Burlington has also passed a policy allowing Parking Enforcement officers to review and, in specific situations, void tickets without requiring you to appeal to the City’s Attorney office. This applies when tickets are generated during a known time-lag that can last up to three minutes between paying for your meter via Parkmobile and the enforcement system recognizing your payment. The other situation would be anytime when there is no discrepancy between the ticket and payment receipt (i.e. the license plate number of the ticketed vehicle and the license plate number on the payment receipt are the same). If you believe either of these situations has resulted in you getting a ticket, contact BPD directly at (802) 540-2185.

For more information on Parkmobile check out their website here and/or our FAQ’s page.  

Please continue to keep an eye out for updates regarding parking in Burlington as we work to create the most user friendly experience possible.