City Emergency Announced for COVID-19 – Municipal Garages Free, On-Street Parking No Longer Ticketing

The City of Burlington has announced a “City Emergency” and is moving to suspend all non-essential municipal services in response to the global coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). 

As of midnight March 17, parking operations at the Marketplace and Lakeview/College Street garages will be suspended.  The gates at Marketplace and Lakeview/College Street garages will be kept open and the garages will be free for entry and exit.  Signs at entry, exit, and pay-on-foot stations will indicate the garages are free.

Garage Ambassador staff will be sent home but remain on-call as needed. Maintenance crews will be working alternative schedules to keep a presence in the garage.

Elevators at both facilities will be shut down.  The stairwells at the Lakeview/College Street garage will remain open, but the stair towers at the Marketplace Garage will be closed.   To exit the Marketplace garage you will need to walk down the ramps.

“Help” buttons on the entry/exit pedestals and the pay-on-foot stations will still work as normal. The cell phones that the “Help” buttons call will be monitored by garage management. 

For monthly parkers who have questions about billing, please be patient. You will be contacted in the coming days. 

As of Tuesday, the City is no longer giving parking tickets in Burlington for meter violations or residential parking violations. Enforcement is still in effect for prohibited areas and those that impact public safety, such as people being parked in a way that blocks traffic or pedestrians, handicapped spaces, or fire access.

Thank you for your understanding in these challenging times.

Questions, comments, don’t hesitate to reach out on our contact form.