City Releases Request for Proposals to Better Wayfinding at Municipal Garages

Roof of Marketplace Garage overlooking Downtown Burlington
Marketplace Garage overlooking Downtown Burlington.

The City of Burlington has released a request for proposals for an onsite wayfinding signage program for the city’s two municipal garages: the Lakeview/College Street/Westlake Garage and the Marketplace Garage.

Questions on the RFP are due Thursday, February 27 and will be answered on February 28 by the Department of Public Works.

Responses are due by March 6.

Email Jeff Padgett for more info at [email protected].

Goals of Wayfinding Signage

The goals of the program are:

  1. Welcome and guide customers into the garage.
  2. Direct customers within the garage
    • to parking and onward to downtown businesses and landmarks/public spaces;
    • to pay-on-foot stations and additional services and information that could be provided by Ambassadors and garage staff;
    • to exits, stairwells, elevators and other services.
  3. Compliment existing wayfinding signage that exists in Burlington.
  4. Establish design standards for garage wayfinding signage applicable across the garages.
  5. Reflect Burlington’s identity.
  6. Address the city’s goal of providing a positive customer experience that can help to support economic vitality.