Construction Heats Up This Spring

While there is still snow covering the ground across Burlington, warm spring and summer weather is not as far away as it appears and with it will come street improvements across Burlington.

This construction season will mark year two of significant infrastructure improvements tied to two voter-approved ballot items that funded this vital work in Burlington. These upgrades will focus on roads, sidewalks, stormwater and more.

Last summer saw significant investment across Burlington, with over 5 miles of new street paving, over 3 miles of sidewalk paving and over 2 miles of City water main improvements.

2017 also saw upgrades to the Burlington Bike Path, including repaving, improved viewing areas and stormwater improvements.

These upgrades are vital to help Burlington operate efficiently for both residents and guests, but they will cause disruptions. To help prepare residents and business owners about upcoming work, DPW has created a website and interactive construction portal that will provide updates all season. They’ve held multiple public meetings in March and will be the main focus of our March Downtown Parking & Transportation Council, read more about the Council here!

DPW has also created project-specific pages for work being done in the South End and Lower Downtown. These pages include updates, maps and schedules for the projects. The idea is to provide the community with a better understanding of what work is being done, when it is being done and what the potential impacts may be.

The DPW Construction portal allows anyone to view completed, in-progress and planned projects. You can also find helpful project information, like a general project description and contact information.

Meanwhile, Park Burlington will continue to provide specific updates for projects that impact parking and transportation in Burlington. Check in with us on Facebook, Twitter and makes sure to keep an eye on for new information.