Parking Map

Parking Map for Downtown Burlington, Vermont

Park Burlington’s interactive map is a great way to plan your trip to downtown BTV ahead of time. The mobile-responsive map will let you know where the many on-street and off-street parking options are in Burlington.

***Push this icon in the top left corner to view all the different categories of parking.

View all bike parking options here.

As we continue to develop the map, we’d appreciate your input and feedback: click here to fill out a quick survey.

Please note: Handicapped parking is free at all meters and municipal garages with the proper display of a placard or plate.

All metered parking and municipal garages are free on Sundays and City Holidays! Municipal garages include:

Click the links next to each garage to see the entrance from Google Street View.

Interactive Map Instructions

1. Type in your address in the location box to center in on your physical location
2. Use the map legend (in the top left of the map) to select or deselect the parking options you’re interested in viewing
3. Click on any colored line to view nearby street meters and any polygon to view nearby off-street facilities
4. Come to downtown Burlington and enjoy all it has to offer!

City Construction Portal

Learn about public and private projects, right of way impacts and how public dollars are being used.

  • UNDER CONSTRUCTION: projects currently under construction
  • COMPLETED: projects constructed since the passage of the capital bonds in November 2016
  • ALL: projects proposed, approved, in design, under construction or completed since the passage of the capital bonds in November 2016