Explore Bike Rack Subsidies

As part of efforts to make Burlington a more active transportation friendly community, both Local Motion and the City of Burlington are working to subsidize the purchase of bike racks. 

To support this effort, the City of Burlington Dept. of Public works has established a program to purchase and distribute, at a reduced rate, bike racks for employers and local businesses. These efforts will increase the number of secure bike parking spots, thus reducing a major barrier for new bike commuters.

The City’s program offers business owners the choice between two bike rack designs, which were chosen for their ease of use, efficient design and identifiable appearance. There are specific guidelines that must be met to ensure eligibility for the program.

Local Motion has partnered with Bike Rack design company Dero to add more bicycle parking in our community. They will even provide free service for the bike racks as part of their efforts to build more bike friendly infrastructure around our community.

Any business owner interested in taking part in this program should reach out to Local Motion’s Business Partnerships Manager Ross Saxton by email or by phone at 802-861-2700 x 105.

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