Getting Around BTV: CarShare Vermont

As more communities embrace multimodal transportation strategies, planners and residents are faced with the fact that despite the extensive bike networks, modern public transport and quality sidewalks, sometimes people just need the use of car.

Enter CarShare Vermont.

CarShare programs have grown in popularity because they offer versatile, low cost transportation option to a generation that wants to reduce their environmental impact, without completely sacrificing their independence. CarShare Vermont’s info-graphic on the right illustrates the impact you can make on climate change by joining. 

The idea is simple. Register for the program and rent a CarShare Vermont hybrid car, with pickup available at various locations around Chittenden County 24/7.

Users can choose membership levels based on how much they expect to “share”. Rental rates vary depending on membership level, with a $.35/mile gas price. CarShare Vermont also offers a valuable trip calculator to help with planning your adventures.

Business owners, property managers and developers can make an impact by hosting a CarShare pod. Contact Annie Bourdon, Executive Director to learn more: (802) 861-2340 or [email protected]

Carshares have found their niche among companies like Uber, Lyft and Airbnb in what is known as the sharing economy. While cost savings from not having to own a car are one benefit, Carshares have an added environmental benefit in the form of reducing car use. As of 2013, over a million people were sharing 15,603 cars in 46 organizations around the world.

See if CarShare Vermont is a good fit for you here and then start the application process here. Stay tuned for more transportation pieces from ParkBurlington on this website, Twitter, Facebook and our go! BURLINGTON e-newsletter.