Green Mountain Freedom Rides – Parking Motorcycles in Burlington, Vermont

The riding season is relatively short in Vermont. That means you’ve got a lot of destinations to hit in a short amount of time. A lot of windy roads. A lot of creemees. As many dips in a lake, river or pond as possible to get out of your sweaty leathers.

The last thing you want to be worried about is where to park when you get to Burlington, so here are few insider tips.

Free Parking

Yes, there’s tons of free on-street parking for motorcycles in Burlington. You can park your hog in any old metered spot and pay your way using ParkMobile, credit card or cash… or you can use our handy dandy interactive map to find the seven FREE motorcycle parking spots across town (four of them are pictured below).

“Motorcycle Only” locations are noted in grey.

Burlington’s municipal garages unfortunately DO NOT allow motorcycles due to safety concerns. Municipal garages include:

Riding a motorcycle, I think you’ll agree, already has an element of danger – parking shouldn’t be part of that equation.

Burlington is a top destination for local food, world-renowned craft beer (obviously park for the night if you’re partaking!), incredible views of Lake Champlain and free parking for motorcycles.

We look forward to seeing you here!

Parking is easy for motorcycles in Burlington, Vermont.

If you have questions or comments about parking in town, feel free to reach out on the contact form. We’re always looking to improve parking and transport dynamics in the Queen City.