Barika Transforms Lakeview Garage in to Music Festival

For the first time ever, The Discover Jazz Festival featured a Burlington Parking garage as a music venue.

On Sunday, Burlington indie funk bank Barika brought their psychedelic sound to the top level of the Lakeview Garage on Cherry Street.

Barika is a 6 member band featuring: Craig Myers (N’goni), Caleb Bronz (Drums), Giovanni “Johnny” Rovetto (Bass), ColinLenox (Guitar), Chris Hawthorn (Trumpet, Synth) and Matt Davide (Sax). Their blend of funk, psychedelic and traditional West African music has built a strong following in the local music scene.

“Led by their grooves, Barika is wholly rhythmic, captivating audiences with the beautiful, hypnotic way in which they interweave melody and groove to create something that is not only danceable, but incredibly interesting to listen to.” wrote Performer Magazine.

Barika weren’t the only local music mainstays featured at the Pop-up show. Kat Wright joined in to entertain the sizable crowd, gathered for the free concert.

In the 34 years of the Discover Jazz Festival this is the first time that a parking garage has served as a venue for a concert. The Discover Jazz Festival continues through June 11th.