Local Motion, BED Partner on E-Bike Offer

Starting this month, Local Motion and Burlington Electric have teamed up to offer BED customers a $200 rebate on E-Bikes.

Designed as a way to introduce more Burlingtonians to active transportation, the offer will allow customers to access the rebate when buying E-Bikes at select local bike shops.

In addition to the environmental benefits of fewer cars being on the road, there is a financial benefit to residents using the new technology. Vermonters can expect to spend roughly $3500/year on a car or truck, whereas an E-Bike will only average about $300/year.

Participating shops are Old Spokes Home, Skirack, North Star Sports, and the Outdoor Gear Exchange¬†and interested individuals should check BED’s website for more information about whether they qualify.

For people who haven’t tried E-Bikes yet, Local Motion, is allowing people to try one for free as a way to find out if it is the right fit.





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