Local Motion, BED Partner on E-Bike Offer

Starting this month, Local Motion and Burlington Electric have teamed up to offer BED customers a $200 rebate on E-Bikes.

Designed as a way to introduce more Burlingtonians to active transportation, the offer will allow customers to access the rebate when buying E-Bikes at select local bike shops.

In addition to the environmental benefits of fewer cars being on the road, there is a financial benefit to residents using the new technology. Vermonters can expect to spend roughly $3500/year on a car or truck, whereas an E-Bike will only average about $300/year.

Participating shops are Old Spokes Home, Skirack, North Star Sports, and the Outdoor Gear Exchange and interested individuals should check BED’s website for more information about whether they qualify.

For people who haven’t tried E-Bikes yet, Local Motion, is allowing people to try one for free as a way to find out if it is the right fit.





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