NEW Wayfinding Signs In City Garages

As part of long term efforts to help garage users find their way around Burlington, the City has added new wayfinding signs at City-run Garages.

This includes the installation of digital parking signs outside the entrances of Marketplace and Lakeview Garages that will alert users to availability within the garages. These new signs will be fully functional once new garage equipment is installed in the garages, expected in early 2018.

The wayfinding signs are designed to help visitors to Burlington better navigate the downtown, by giving directions and distances to important landmarks like Church Street, Battery Park or the Waterfront.

Additional signage will be implemented soon to update our rate and informational signage around and inside our City-run garages. Our team will also be working towards a compete redesign of wayfinding within our three public garages within the next year.

Park Burlington is collaborating with the City of Burlington Department of Public Works to improve the customer experience within city parking garages. Part of this has involved getting feedback from users and working to address areas of concern.

Park Burlington will continue to give updates on this and other parking and transportation projects in Burlington on our website, facebook and twitter.