Open Streets BTV Celebrates Active Transportation

Sunday September 17th, Burlington will continue its annual tradition of celebrating active transportation with Open Streets BTV.

The event will be held in the South End and is part block party, part educational opportunity. Community members can check out active transportation demonstrations and patronize local businesses all while enjoying a car free day out.

During the event, streets on the designated route will be closed to vehicle traffic. Cars should be off the route between 10am and 3pm.

Homeowners along the route should park cars in their driveway or on a different street. Volunteers will be on hand to assist drivers on and off the route.

Previous Open Streets events have been held in other parts of Burlington, including the Old North End in 2015 and Downtown in 2016.

Park Burlington will continue to post updates on Twitter, Facebook and Additional information about Open Streets BTV can be found on their website and Facebook.