Park Burlington Adds New Informational Signs

Our Parking Team has continued signage improvements in public garages in downtown Burlington. 

Park Burlington has consistently sought to find more ways to connect garage users with the information they need to enhance their experience. The new signs are a response to feedback from users seeking clearer, cleaner and more modern signs.

The signs will give information on things like parking rates, lane closures, detours to additional parking, special event pricing, security reminders and more.

Earlier this month, new wayfinding signs were unveiled to help users find their way from city garages to local landmarks and to help visitors find our public garages.

In September, we hosted a garage walkabout as a way to learn more about what people’s day to day experience is like in Burlington’s garages. Stay tuned for a summary of what we heard during our walkabout; our team will work to schedule a second nighttime walkabout over the next couple of months.

Park Burlington will work to provide updates on this and other projects. Check out website as well as our Facebook and Twitter for more information.