Parking Services Integration Project Between DPW and BPD Takes Important Step at City Council

During the FY21 budget development process the Weinberger administration and the city council voted to transfer certain municipal services away from the Burlington Police Department (BPD) and to integrate them into other city departments. Over the last several months, the Department of Public Works (DPW) has been working with BPD to make this happen.

On Nov. 9, the City Council voted to approve “Phase 1A, Administrative Integration” which transfers the parking enforcement personnel and budget from BPD to DPW.

DPW and BPD developed a three-phase Parking Services Integration Plan (link to presentation from Oct. 5 City Council meeting) to ensure intentionality and include all of the necessary stakeholders.

The next step, “Phase 1B, Division Re-Organization” will gather stakeholder input, examine staff positions and reorganize the “parking and traffic division” at DPW to best serve the community.