Private Parking Operators in Burlington

Did you know that there are around 7,500 parking spaces in downtown Burlington? Over 1,000 are on-street, 2,300 are in publicly-accessible facilities (lots/garages) and more than 4,000 are in privately-owned facilities.

All of the publicly-accessible privately-owned parking lots in the downtown area are conveniently labeled in our interactive map (see screenshot below).

Each lot or garage is labelled with the owner on our map, so if you are interested in parking there, you can easily check the price in advance.

Some of the private lots/garages offer monthly parking. Please contact the appropriate person at that company listed below if you’d like more information about monthly parking:

Unified Parking Partners

Tyler Nettleton, [email protected], 401-932-1677

Milot Real Estate

Brett Grabowski, [email protected], 802-310-4620

Main Street Landing

Melinda Moulton, [email protected], (802) 864-7999


Investors Corp. of VT, [email protected], (802) 861-4026