Proposed Updated Parking Meters for Burlington, VT

Plans to bring in 310 new credit-card-enabled ‘smart meters’ to the Burlington, VT area “to improve the customer experience and to better sustain our parking system” according to Public Works Director Chapin Spencer, are in the works.

Documents submitted to the city Board of Finance proposed that updated meter addition would cost the city apx. $199,950 total after a five year lease of $44,194 per year..

Currently though, you’d need to have 12 quarters to pay for a full 3hrs at most of the parking meters in the area according to Kelly Devine, executive director of the Burlington Business Association,  “People don’t generally carry change,” she explains. The meters could also enable a pay-by-phone option in the future, further improving the parking experience for patrons to the area shops and resources.

Review the full article New Parking Meters for Burlington? on the Burlington Free Press Newspaper website.