2014-2015 Residential Parking Study

The City is currently working on three parking and transportation related plans – a Downtown Parking & Transportation Plan, a Residential Parking Plan, and a Transportation Demand Management Plan.

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The final draft Residential Parking Management Plan is available!
Summary of changes
Residential Parking Management Plan (large files) – final draft with tracked changes (or view plain text final draft)
Appendix A – Citywide Parking Rates
Appendix B – Public Involvement (large file)

The Public Works Commission will vote on this plan at its January 20 meeting (6:30pm, 645 Pine St).  The plan recommends preserving and updating the Residential Permit Program and proposes consideration of additional parking management strategies.

Please contact Nicole Losch at nlosch@burlingtonvt.gov with any questions about this study.


Project Archive

Watch the November 19 public forum presentation on CCTV online

Nov. 19 Public Forum