Runners Converge in Burlington for 2018 Marathon

On Sunday May 27, Burlington’s streets will once again be filled with Runners for the 2018 Vermont City Marathon. The annual race, which draws participants from across the United States and beyond, will also mean that Burlington residents and visitors should be aware of significant changes on the last Sunday in May.

First, the Marathon’s website includes a helpful spectator guide with common questions. Take a look to learn more about what to expect. Before you drive downtown, remember that many local hotels operate shuttles to carry visitors to the race starting location. Due to the activity within the downtown core, it is smart to avoid using your car, if possible. Bikers can take advantage of Local Motion’s popular valet parking program.

To ensure the safety of runners and spectators, road closures along the marathon route will begin as early as 5:00am and be widespread between 6:45am and 11:15am. These closures will include, at various times: Pine Street, Battery Street, the Burlington Beltline, South Willard and more. A map of these closures can be found on the Marathon’s website.

The running route does include some residential neighborhoods and this will mean parking bans. If your neighborhood is included, you will need to have your car off the street by 4am on the 27th otherwise your car will be towed. Consult with the marathons street closure list to see if you’re in one of these areas.

If you do decide to drive, free parking is available within a quarter of a mile of the race start area. Meter spaces are free across the city on Sundays.

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