Seize the Day – Activities on Burlington’s Waterfront And Where to Park

The warm weather is finally here and it’s important get out there and enjoy the sunshine while we have it. Below are a few summer activities to take advantage of here in the Queen City. Whether that’s fishing off the pier, learning how to sail, or exploring the city by bike, Burlington holds plenty of opportunities for some good, old-fashion fun.

To make it a stress-free, fun time, we’ll even tell you where to park!


Riding a bike is a great way to explore the waterfront, commute, and it’s an excellent eco-friendly alternative to burn calories rather than fossil fuel. Burlington is home to many bike paths, and provides cyclists the opportunity to explore while also getting to enjoy the priceless views that the Burlington waterfront has to offer. Visit Local Motion for all of the different bike routes available to you!

Where to park

If you are planning to embark on a longer trip, and are hoping to leave your car in Burlington overnight, the Lakeview and College St garages offer overnight parking for just $8/day. These are also good options if you are headed to Battery Park or the Waterfront.

Another option would be to park at the King St. lot for $4/hour. This lot is located right near Local Motion and the bike path.

If you just need to park your bike, check out the Interactive Bike Map we created with our friends at Local Motion. Plenty of options here in BTV.

Interactive Bike Parking Map


If you’re hoping to do some fishing down on the waterfront, there are plenty of opportunities for you to do so. You might even see Champ while you’re staring out over the Champlain Sea!

If you don’t have a boat then head over to the fishing pier located just north of the new Marina near the Coast Guard station. Access is free.

Where to park

Limited parking is available near the pier or you can park on Lake Street for $1/hr. See map below.

Another option is to park in the Pease Lot for $3/hr, or at any of the brown meters nearby. These are just a short walk to the waterfront.

SUP, Wind Surfing, Sailing

Feeling like you want to step outside of your comfort zone this summer? Try something new and sign up for stand up paddle boarding (SUP), wind surfing, or even sailing lessons down on the waterfront.

WIND & WAVES offers SUP lessons, wake surfing lessons, SUP yoga, kitesurfing, and more. Even if you’re just a beginner, WND&WVS has all the gear and guidance you need to succeed.

Sailing is the perfect activity for the windier days down on the waterfront. The Community Sailing Center offers sailboat, kayak, canoe, and paddle board rentals. They also provide one-on-one sailing lessons for beginners.

Where to park

Limited parking is available at the Community Sailing Center but the Lake Street Lot isn’t far away for $1/hour.

Another option is to park in the Pease Lot for $3/hr, or at any of the brown meters nearby. These are just a short walk to the waterfront.