St. Paul Street Construction Update 8/13/19

Separate from the Great Streets Project, on St. Paul Street, the City has authorized the Vermont House building at 131 Main Street to perform immediate repairs to its rooftop and balcony in order to address potential safety concerns – based on a recent structural analysis. 

The work on the building will require continued closure of the eastern lane of traffic on St. Paul Street between Main and King so that the contractor, Liszt Historical Renovation, can stage an oversized lift. 

When traffic resumes on this block later in August (after the Great Streets project wraps up on the northern block), it will be southbound only during the duration of the work at 131 Main St. This occupation of the street is scheduled to be completed November 1, 2019. It is important to note that during this period, the sidewalk will remain accessible with overhead pedestrian protection in place, and access to local businesses will be maintained. The City Council’s License Committee approved the permit for this work on 8/6/2019, and it will be going to the City Council for approval on 8/12.

What Happened Onsite Last Week:

SD Ireland paved the binder course between Main and King and in the King Street intersection. They also raised catch basins and manholes to finish grades in the King St intersection. SD Ireland began installing granite weirs in the first rain garden just south of Main St. 

They continued to excavate for the paver crosswalks on the east and west sides of the King St intersection. They installed the granite along the edges of the crosswalk and poured concrete as a base for the pavers. 

SD Ireland worked on placing some of the granite curb that was not placed last week, and continued fine grading the sidewalk between King and Maple on the west side of the road. Lastly, they began pouring sidewalk on the west side of the road between King and Maple starting at King heading south. 

DiStefano Landscaping began planting trees between King and Maple. 

Next Week Look Ahead:

Next week, SD Ireland will be paving the top course between Main St and King St and the King Street intersection. SD Ireland and DiStefano landscaping will work together to install paver crosswalks in the King St intersection on the North, East and West crossings. 

SD Ireland will continue prepping for sidewalk between King and Maple on the west of the road. This includes fine grading the subbase material, playing some granite curb, and coring weep holes into the sidewalk side of the rain garden and tree well curbs.  Once the west side is completed, they will move to the east sidewalk. 

SD Ireland will continue to pour sidewalks on the west side of the road between King and Maple starting at King St and working south. 

Possible Impacts:

The sidewalk between Main and King should both be open throughout the week. The Hilton/TD Bank exit will be exiting north onto Main St. 

The King St intersection will remain closed for paving and paver crosswalk installation. The intersection may be closed for about one more week. The road is open to local traffic only and the 194 St. Paul parking garages will remain accessible coming from Church St.

Some of the crosswalks in the King St intersection will be closed for paver crosswalk installation, a passage through King St will be available. Please keep an eye out for signs or orange ribbon lining the path. 

The Stratos garage will be entering and exiting from Maple Street, and the west sidewalk between King and Maple will be closed to through pedestrian traffic. 

The closure will change through the week. At the beginning of the week all buildings will be accessible from Maple St EXCEPT for OM Salon which will be accessible from King St. This closure will continue to move south as the week goes on. 

Other Notes

All construction look ahead details are subject to change due to weather and site conditions.

Work is still ongoing between Main Street and King Street but may not require the same number of workers or equipment that has been onsite so you may notice less immediate activity on that block at times.  

On Maple, traffic will be restricted between Union and Willard to local traffic only. S Union and S Winooski remain open with some travel lane constraints.  S Union will be north bound only through the Maple intersection during construction.  S Winooski will be south bound only through the Maple intersection during construction.


For questions related to activity on-site, please contact Katelyn Panaggio, our engineer on-site from EIV, at 802-673-0001.

For questions related to the overall project, please contact Robert Goulding, DPW Public Information Manager, at mailto:[email protected] or 802-540-0846.