Summer Parking Data Shows Spaces Are Open

The most recent parking data collected in conjunction with The University of Vermont Transportation Research Center, continue to show that parking is available in downtown Burlington even during the busy summer season.

Data collected in these counts provides quality data from the late spring and early summer. Counts were taken on times and days that correlate with the recommendations laid out in the Downtown Parking & Transportation Plan.

Parking Counts show that even during the busiest time periods downtown, parking is available in City garages. Average utilization in the garages only rises above 60% on Thursday mornings(63.49%) and Sunday afternoons(71.05%). During evening hours on Thursday, Saturdays, and Sundays drivers can expect at least 50% availability. June Counts showed 953 and 739 on “Thursday PM” and ‘Saturday PM” count times respectively. The majority of these openings can be found at College Street Garage and Lakeview Garage.

Spaces were also available at private off street facilities. Utilization in these facilities only rises above 80% on Thursday mornings.

Metered spaces have seen an uptick in use during June Counts, with utilization between 60%-81% during Thursday, Saturday and Sunday counts. In the afternoon, parking counts in the core see utilization at roughly 83% and 84% on Thursday and Saturdays respectively. These number are on par with our 85% utilization goal.

Last December, parking enforcement hours were rolled back after a two year review of data; read more here! The summer counts continue show that these changes have not had any negative impacts to availability and have provided parkers more time in the morning and evening to park for free.

To view locations of both off street and on street spaces in downtown Burlington, check out our interactive parking map. This page allows you to plan out your parking before you head downtown.

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