The Future of Transportation in BTV

Tech is changing our transportation options rapidly, are you prepared to take advantage of a new transportation future? Come to BBA’s Annual Business Summit with questions and vision for the future of Burlington.

Register for BBA’s 2018 Business Summit

Keynote Speaker, Jeff Olson

Don’t miss out on the Keynote speaker, Jeff Olson, Principal at Alta Planning & Design. Jeff brings over 25 years of experience in greenways, open space, active living, and alternative mobility projects.

The Summit will look at the ways alternative transportation is being implemented in other cities, what the benefits and challenges are, how these changes influence things like company recruitment, appealing to the millennial workforce, and more. Breakout groups will offer the opportunity to get involved in discussions and envision how alternative transportation could work for Burlington.

After the Summit, continue the conversation at Citizen Cider: The Future of How We Move, A Community Conversation About Transportation in Burlington; use the link to register and get a discount on your ticket with the promo code BBA2018.

There is a a revolution in transportation underway; join the conversation and get prepared!