csvt_logoCarShare Vermont has sought to increase the number of people getting around in the area using fewer cars. Since 2008, they’ve established a network of vehicles conveniently located throughout the city of Burlington VT. The vehicles can be used for an hour or two running a few errands or an entire day for a day trip to go hiking or if you need to borrow a pick up for transporting a large item, with a number of locations, CarShare Vermont offers the flexibility of having a vehicle, without the maintenance and upkeep of owning one. An overview of the programs ‘ins and outs’ can be found on the How it Works page.

They offer a number of affordable options for membership on their Rates page or interested individuals and businesses may purchase memberships by navigating to the Join CarShare Vermont and filling out an application. Gas, maintenance, roadside assistance, insurance etc. are covered by the company. CarShare VT has created helpful info sheets for Developers and Property Managers who are interested in more information regarding hosting a pod or membership.