Why is Marketplace Garage Sometimes Closed When I Can See Spots Open?

We all know it’s frustrating when you’re desperate for a parking spot, go to park in the garage, and come to see that the gates are down even though you’re staring at open spots. We know your pain, but there is a reason for it.

The system works in a way to ensure that the garage isn’t being closed and opened continuously throughout the day. The standard operating procedure of the Department of Public Works is as follows:

  • Once a garage ambassador identifies that there are only 5 spaces left in the garage, the Bank Street and Cherry Street entrances are both closed.
  • In order to re-open the garage, exit activity is monitored. Once at least 20 cars have exited the garage, both entrances are reopened.

Although there may be spots open when the garage is closed, it is to ensure that once the garage is re-opened, there will be plenty of spots open for customers and the flow of cars coming in and out will continue in an efficient manner.