Enforcement and Tickets

The Burlington Police Department regulates parking in order to provide sufficient spaces where demand is greatest. Their goal is to provide access to commercial areas for visitors and residents alike and affordable alternatives for those who work there. Click on the links below to learn more:

Fines & Towing | Paying Tickets | Contesting Tickets | Parkmobile Concerns | Winter & Snow Ban Info

Fines and Towing
Meter Violations $15.00
Resident Parking $75.00
Handicapped Violations $125.00
Parking Ban or Street Closed to Parking $125.00
All other Prohibited Parking Violations $75.00

See the Burlington Police Department webpage for more details.

How To Pay Your Parking Ticket in Burlington

The City of Burlington has expanded your options for paying for parking tickets. Please choose the best option that works for you.


Parking Enforcement Office, One North Avenue, Burlington, VT
Payment methods: Checks, Cash, Mastercard, Visa, Discover
Hours: Monday – Friday 07:00AM to 4:15PM
Drop box available (on wall between doors) 24 hours
Drop box recorded as of end of day last business day


Please mail payments to Parking Enforcement Office referenced above.
Payments are recorded by USPO date on your envelope
Checks are preferable and are payable to City of Burlington (cash payments not recommended)
Please indicate citation number, license plate or account number on memo line of check


Visit our new online portal at: burlington.t2hosted.com
Acceptable payments include Mastercard, Visa, Discover, American Express
Please be sure to have one of following available to make payment

  • Citation Number
  • License Plate
  • Account Number

A $2.75 convenience fee per ticket will be applied.


Use our automated phone system by dialing (888) 767-0894
Acceptable payments include Mastercard & Visa
Please be sure to have your citation number handy (one citation can be paid at a time)
A $2.75 fee per ticket will be applied

For more information please visit the Burlington Police Department’s webpage. Be sure to pay your ticket in a timely manner to avoid Scoff Violations. 

Contesting a Ticket

The owner or operator of a vehicle receiving a parking ticket is required to either pay the waiver fee or to formally contest the ticket WITHIN 30 DAYS of the offense. Formal contest is initiated by submitting WRITTEN notice to the office of the City Attorney, Room 11, City Hall, Church Street, Burlington, Vermont 05401, stating the reasons for contesting the ticket. You must include the ticket and any towing receipts as well as any other supporting documents. You will receive a written response from the City Attorney’s office. If you are not satisfied with that response, the registered OWNER of the vehicle must arrange a court hearing on the alleged violation by contacting the Parking Enforcement Office immediately thereafter.

Parkmobile Concerns

If you’ve paid for your meter via Parkmobile and have documentation showing there is no discrepancy between the ticket and payment receipt (i.e, the license plate number of the ticketed vehicle and the license plate number on the payment receipt are the same), please call BPD at (802) 540-2185 to review your ticket. For more information please visit the Burlington Police Department’s webpage.

Winter Parking & Snow Ban Information:

Burlington maintains a warning system of yellow lights mounted on utility poles throughout the city. These lights are activated when a snow parking ban is declared. Upon declaring a ban, all media is notified, City Parking Ban lights are turned on, and a tape recording is activated.

Call 658-SNOW for tape recorded information.

If a parking ban is declared:

  • It will be declared by 3pm to be effective that evening.
  • The ban is in effect from 12am-6am in the downtown core, and 10pm-7am outside the downtown core.
  • You may not park on any City streets or parking lots during the ban.
  • Parking is available in all City Garages:
    • Marketplace Garage (147 Cherry St)
    • Lakeview Garage (41 Cherry St)
    • College Street Garage (60 College St)
    • Please park on LOWER DECKS ONLY. Drivers are prohibited from parking on the roof of garages during a parking ban.
    • You must remove your car by 8am or you will be charged a full day’s rate. A full day at Marketplace Garage is $10, a full day at Lakeview or College Street Garages is $8.
    • View all parking in BTV here.
  • Any vehicles left on City streets or parking lots will be issued a $125 ticket and towed to another location.
  • Vehicles found with more than $49.00 in outstanding fines or previous winter tow tickets will be towed to a designated garage until payment is made.