Municipal Garage Rates

Burlington’s municipal garages are:

  • Marketplace Garage (entrances at 147 Cherry St. and Bank St.)
  • Downtown Garage (entrances at 41 Cherry St.,  60 College St. and Battery St.) — formerly Lakeview and College garage
  • Courthouse Plaza (entrance at 179 S Winooski Ave. just south of Main St) — currently managed & enforced by City




Courthouse Plaza


0 – 2



$1.50/Hour 6AM-3AM

2 – 2.5




2.5 – 3




3 – 3.5




3.5 – 4




4 – 5




5 – 6




6 – 7




> 7




Overnight parking

Overnight parking is permitted for up to two weeks at the Downtown Garage. The daily rate is $8 per 24-hour period.

Marketplace Garage allows up to 48 hours of parking. The daily rate is $10 per 24-hour period 

On-Street Meter Rates

Meter Type



Time Restriction

Smart Meter
Credit/Debit, Coin, Parkmobile
Yellow-Top, Short Term
Coin, Parkmobile
30 Minutes
Blue-Top, Mid Term
Coin, Parkmobile
3 Hours
Brown-Top, Long Term
Coin, Parkmobile
9 Hours

View rates, payment types and time restrictions for Burlington’s on-street meters below and view the location of all parking in our interactive parking map here.

Please note: Credit/debit cards can be used at all meters when using Parkmobile. Handicap parking is free at all on-street meters with proper placard or plate.

Parkmobile is Burlington’s pay-by-cell app and can be used at all meters in Burlington. Learn more here and view all on-street parking options here!

Enforcement hours

  • Downtown Core – 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.
  • Outside the Downtown Core – 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Meter Receipts

In order to receive a receipt for parking at the Smart Meters, go to and follow the instructions on the home page.

If you constantly use the same credit card to pay for parking, you may set this up to automatically send a receipt at the end of each parking cycle.

Monthly Permits

Monthly permits are available at Lakeview and College Street Garages.  For more information,  please call 802-540-2380.

Monthly permit rates

  • 5-day monthly permit, Mon-Fri: $84
  • 6-day monthly permit, Mon-Sat: $100
  • Pearl St Lot (7-day monthly permit): $55
  • Main Street Lot (7-day monthly permit): $65

Handicap Parking

Handicap parking is free at all meters and in municipal garages. To receive free parking, you must show your handicap placard or plate to an ambassador at the facility. If no ambassador is present, press the “Help” button to call them.

Privately-owned garages have different policies. Please reach out to the facility directly.

Parkers must have proper placard or plate showing handicap access. View all parking options in our interactive parking map here.

Unified Parking Partners (UPP) offers handicapped parking for free in their garages. UPP requires handicap parkers to:

  1. Press the “Press for Assistance” button when exiting the garage.
  2. Inform the responding attendant you have handicap access.
  3. Show your handicap placard to the camera and provide the placard number.