Winter Parking Ban Info for Burlington, Vermont, Residents and Businesses

A winter parking ban can be declared by the city of Burlington when snow fall or expected snow fall indicates that it may be necessary to plow city streets from curb to curb. Upon declaring a ban, all media is notified, city parking ban lights are turned on and a tape recording is activated.

Call 658-SNOW for tape recorded information.

If a parking ban is declared:

  • It will be declared by 3 p.m. to be effective that evening.
  • The ban is in effect from 12 am-6am in the downtown core, and 10pm-7am outside the downtown core.
  • You may not park on any city streets or parking lots during the ban.
  • Free parking is available in all city garages from 10 p.m. to 8 a.m.:
    • Marketplace Garage (147 Cherry St)
    • Lakeview Garage (41 Cherry St)
    • College Street Garage (60 College St)
    • Please park on LOWER DECKS ONLY. Drivers are prohibited from parking on the roof of garages during a parking ban.
    • You must remove your car by 8 am or you will be charged a full day’s rate. A full day at Marketplace Garage is $10. A full day at Lakeview or College Street Garages is $8.
    • View all parking in BTV here.
  • Any vehicles left on city streets or parking lots will be issued a $125 ticket and towed to another location.
  • Vehicles found with more than $75 in outstanding fines or previous winter tow tickets will be towed to a designated garage until payment is made.