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As part of our ongoing efforts to improve the customer experience for downtown Burlington, all new garage equipment will be installed in our three City-owned garages, starting in September, 2018. Our City-owned Garages include:

  • Marketplace Garage (147 Cherry St.)
    • Entrances on Cherry and Bank Streets
  • Lakeview Garage (45 Cherry St.)
    • Entrance on Cherry Street, next to Hotel Vermont
  • College Street Garage (60 Cherry St.)
    • Entrances on Battery and College Streets, behind the Hilton

Exciting Changes

Our new equipment will modernize and further automate our City Garages, while bringing a suite of exciting changes, including:

  • Pay on Foot Stations – pay for your parking stay using card, coin, coupon or voucher, more on this below!
  • Customer Portal – a web portal for customers to sign up and manage their monthly permits; in future, the portal will offer services like reservations, coupons and validations!
  • Merchant Validation – downtown merchants and businesses will soon be able to offer discounted parking through their own portal or by contacting our parking team (ETA 1/1/19)
  • Barcoded Tickets – all tickets and vouchers will now be barcoded, reducing maintenance & equipment malfunction and allowing for smartphone-enabled services
  • Ambassadors – our Pay on Foot Stations will enable our staff to focus more time on service and maintenance; helping you navigate the new system and improving cleanliness

Please note: we highly recommend paying for parking at the Pay on Foot Stations (locations below) before returning to your vehicle, however, payment can be made in the exit lane via credit card or prepaid voucher only.


Below are instructions for how to pay for your stay at our City-owned Garages, see hourly rates here!:

  1. Pull a ticket from the ticket spitter upon entering the garage, keep this ticket with you!
  2. Take the ticket with you when exiting your vehicle
  3. Before returning to your vehicle, navigate to the nearest Pay on Foot Station (locations below!)
  4. Scan your ticket at the Pay on Foot Station and follow the prompts to pay for your stay, you may also scan any parking coupons or vouchers here
  5. Once the transaction is complete, take your original ticket with you to your vehicle
  6. Scan the original ticket at the exit lane scanner


Please note: two hour free parking and free parking on Sundays and City Holidays is still available at all three City Garages. Simply scan your ticket at the exit lane scanner if your stay is less than two hours or if it is a Sunday or City Holiday and you may exit the garage for free.

Pay on Foot Station Locations

Marketplace Garage (147 Cherry St.)

  • Two Pay on Foot Stations located on the first floor, across from the center stairwell and elevators

Lakeview Garage (45 Cherry St.)

  • Two Pay on Foot Stations located on the second floor, near the Cherry Street entrance, across from the Electric Vehicle Charging stations

College Street Garage (60 College St.)

  • One Pay on Foot Station located on the third floor just before entering the ramp up to the Hilton
  • One Pay on Foot Station located on the second floor just before the College Street exit

Monthly Parkers

For individuals or groups with less than 10 employees:

For more information on monthly parking leases contact the Department of Public Works at [email protected]. DPW will then reach out to you within 30 days with a username and password for our new Customer Portal and further instructions!


For groups with 10 or more employees:

Please contact us to setup a portal training session!


As with any major project, the installation timeline below is subject to change and weather dependent. We’ll do our best to keep the below timelines updated, as well as, post detailed updates via articles and Twitter & Facebook.

  1. College Street Garage: September 21st – September 25th, 2018
  2. Lakeview Garage: September 28th – October 2nd, 2018
  3. Marketplace Garage: October 12th – October 16th, 2018