The Burlington Police Department is in charge of issuing Residential Parking Permits.

To receive a residential parking permit, the following documents must be provided:


  • Completed Current Lease
  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Valid Registration
  • Valid School ID

Students will be issued a permit for up to one year. Students will be issued two guest passes per dwelling unit.

Renters & Homeowners

  • Valid Driver’s License with address of Resident parking street or valid utility bill with name and address
  • Valid Registration

Renters/Homeowners will be issued a permit for up to two years. Renters/Homeowners will be issued two guest passes per dwelling unit.

Only actual documents or copies are acceptable. Electronic copies are NOT acceptable.

We are unable to issue Residential Passes if these documents are not provided, are outdated, incorrect, or falsified in any way.

Residents may petition to have their streets designated for resident parking only.  To initiate a request to install a new Resident Parking area, or to make a change in an existing Resident Parking area, please follow this link.

Burlington’s residential parking program was evaluated and updated back in 2016 with the goal of developing a comprehensive understanding of parking supply and demands in residential neighborhoods from the point of view of residents, visitors, and city officials to identify an optimal parking management strategy that best utilizes the limited parking and land resources in Burlington’s residential areas.

Please visit our page on the Residential Parking Study for more information on this project and to view the Residential Parking Management Plan that was approved on January 20, 2016.

Additional information about resident parking can be found in Burlington Code of Ordinances, Appendix C, Sec. 27, No parking except with resident parking permit.